ROAR Wines is the realization of our family’s 100-year love affair with the Santa Lucia Highlands. It’s a relationship rooted in four generations of farming and nurtured today in a smallportfolio of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah and Viognier.

Recognizing the region’s potential for premium wine grapes, we planted our first vineyard in 1996 and named it for Rosella. In 1997 we planted the Garys’ Vineyard in partnership withour good friends and fellow grape growers, the Pisoni family. Since then we’ve planted two more vineyards; our “high-altitude” Sierra Mar Vineyard located at 1000ft above the valley floor and the Soberanes Vineyard, located on one of the region’s oldest landgrants.

In 2001, we launched ROAR Wines to showcase the signature flavors of our vineyards. The name ROAR is inspired by our family’s passion for work and play; paying homage to the Monterey Bay winds that roar through our vineyards and the thunderous roar of a stadium full of sports fans. We hope you enjoy our wines, and we look forward to raising a glass together with you soon.

お客様は21歳以上ですか? 21歳未満のアルコール類の購入や飲酒は米国の法律で禁止されています。 このサイトではアルコール類の販売を行っております。 法令に基づき、年齢認証をさせていただきます。