Peter Michael

1982 年に家 族と共にカリフォルニアに渡り、カリストガ北のナイツ・ヴァレーにワイナリーを 作ったのが「Sir」の称号を受けたピーター・マイケル。 ブルゴーニュやボルドーでのワイン醸造の経験を基にピーターの目指す「パワーよりもエレガント」なスタイルのワインつくりを目指し、少量生産のワインは数あるカリフォルニアのワインノ中にあっても世界中に高く評価されるカリフォルニア ワインを生み出しています・

Of the many stories that accompany the founding of Napa Valley wineries, the story of the Peter Michael Winery is one of the most colorful and unexpected. Peter Michael was born in England, where he led several successful technology companies before being knighted in 1989 in recognition of his career in technology and other industries. In the same year he and his wife Maggie founded Peter Michael Winery in Calistoga. From the beginning it was Peter Michael’s mission to produce limited quantities of Chardonnay and a proprietary red that blended Old World winemaking with New World terroir. He has a talent for attracting talent, and some of the best winemakers in the Napa Valley have worked for him, including Helen Turley and Mark Aubert. All Peter Michael’s premier wines are bottled without filtration. There are 112 acres of vines, growing Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. About 100,000 bottles are produced annually.


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