Sbragia Family Vinyards
Our family’s history in Sonoma County dates back to my grandfather, who came from Tuscany in 1904 and worked in many wineries including the historic Italian Swiss Colony. For decadeswe grew prunes like most farms in Dry Creek Valley at the time, and in the 1950s my father Gino Sbragia re-planted the fields on our property to winegrapes, mainly Zinfandel, which I helped tend all through my youth. Gino sold most of the grapes to other wineries,yet kept a small amount to make into wine at home. He had an old-world philosophy that winemaking was a natural process; all you needed for good wine was good land, good grapes and good techniques. He was right, and that has been my guiding principle sincethe start of my career.
emotionally; I’m more attached to Healdsburg and Dry Creek Valley because it’s where I raised my kids, but the wines that I’ve made at Beringer are like children. Either way, the winesSbragia Family Vineyards produces from both Sonoma and Napa are intensely personal, an expression of single vineyard terroir, and history that runs through it all.

After 32 years as the Winemaster at Beringer Vineyard in Napa Valley, I’ve had one foot in Sonoma and the other in Napa. Both areas mean a lot to me

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